One That Got Away

It’s 2009, when Mary Howard, twenty-four-year-old artist, completes her Fairy Magic degree and returns home to her ancestral house on Wilmington Island, Savannah, Georgia. Intent to quash false belief systems, Mary gets caught in dredge with DHEC food police, Mayor Doolittle III, who is also CEO of Doolittle Development Inc., and her Primitive Calvinist neighbor, Mr. Nicopane.

Solo camping on Daufuskie Island, when the hurricane rains finally stop and the full Harvest moon floats above the marsh, Mary has validity that “soul desire will shift humanity to love-based.” 

Mary launches Wisdom Seeker for six-sensors, spiritualists, and self-healers of mind, spirit, and body. Psychic twins, vegan fruit farmers, a Voodoo princess, and more, fill her riverfront home. Using nature as their catalyst, they chart a love-based takeover plan, and one thing is clear, Mr. Nicopane’s muddy spirit has got to go.